Women in Tech

April 11th, 3-7pm | Seneca One | Buffalo, NY

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Join Women in Tech WNY 2024, now in its 3rd year, to further develop your tech and professional skills, connect with peers facing similar challenges, explore diverse career paths in tech, and toast to Buffalo's booming innovation economy.

This year's revamped programming includes a deep dive into the region's Tech Hub Designation, skill development workshops for career advancement,a closing keynote and fireside chat, and a not to miss networking hour.

Whether you're a seasoned professional, a tech newbie, working in a tech-adjacent role such as HR or marketing, a student, or simply an ally for women in tech, this event is for you! We are working to build a bigger table and would love for you to find yourself a seat. 


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Opening Session

"We're a Tech Hub, So What?" 

You might have read that the Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse region is now a Federal Tech Hub, but why does that matter? Beyond the buzzwords and accolades, we'll explore the impacts and opportunities that arise when a region embraces its identity as a federal tech hub and what that means for the individual.

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Workshop Breakouts

Whether you're seeking to refine your leadership skills, enhance your negation strategies, or stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving tech landscape, our expert-led sessions have you covered. Breakout sessions include hands-on workshops exploring the latest tools and techniques to thought-provoking discussions on the future of work.

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Closing Keynote and Fireside Chat

Join us as we discuss the future of work, the potential for tech to do good, and how we can make the tech industry more inclusive. With insights from industry leaders, we'll explore how innovation and social responsibility intersect.

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Networking Hour

Get ready to mix, mingle, and make meaningful connections! Dive into the vibrant tech scene as you chat with local interest groups and fellow attendees. From swapping insights to discovering new opportunities, continue the day building your network

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We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who registered for our workshops! Your overwhelming response speaks volumes about the enthusiasm and dedication within our community. While registration is now closed, we're thrilled to see so many individuals eager to expand their knowledge and skills.

Authenticity and Achievement in a Male-Dominated Workplace: The journey to becoming your own best advocate

Explore the journey of self-advocacy for women in manufacturing technology. Through a round table featuring diverse experiences, participants will gain insights into navigating this unique environment. The session encourages open discussion, allowing attendees to share their stories and queries. Concluding with a curated toolkit of effective strategies, this workshop empowers women to assert themselves authentically and achieve success in male-dominated workplaces.

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Harnessing Everyday AI: Empowering Efficiency On and Off the Clock

Join us for an engaging Women in Tech breakout session sponsored by Villa Maria College, where CJ Banks, Special Assistant to the President, will delve into the transformative potential of "Everyday AI". In this dynamic one-hour session, participants will explore how integrating AI into daily routines can enhance efficiency both in professional environments and personal lives.

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Succeeding with Data Science

An overview of the key factors that increase the likelihood of successful outcomes from data science initiatives. Exploration of the role of data and its foundational importance for AI.

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Digital Product Ideation & Engineering: From concept to market

Explore ideation techniques such as design thinking and lean startup methodology. Gain an overview of engineering and development stages to transform ideas into prototypes and digital products. Learn evaluation techniques for selecting the best and most viable software products/services.

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Staying Ahead of Tech Trends: Strategies for Continuous Learning

Continuous learning is crucial in our rapidly evolving tech landscape. Explore an overview of the key tech trends of 2024. We’ll talk coding, cloud computing, DevOps, UI/UX, and more. Learn strategies and resources for skill development and staying ahead of the curve, including non-traditional options for education. Create a personal learning roadmap based on your career goals and interests.

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Pivoting into Tech: Navigating Career Transitions with Confidence

Designed for individuals from diverse backgrounds seeking to transition into the tech industry. Whether coming from a different field, contemplating a shift within tech, or returning after a hiatus, attendees will gain invaluable insights and strategies. Through real-world scenarios and examples tailored to each situation, participants will learn how to articulate their experiences effectively, highlight transferable skills, and leverage networking opportunities. By the end of the workshop, attendees will possess the confidence to navigate interviews and networking conversations with ease, tackle tough questions from recruiters, and convey their career aspirations with clarity and conviction. This workshop empowers individuals to confidently chart their path in the dynamic landscape of the tech industry.

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The Art of Salary Negotiation

Gain practical insights for evaluating and negotiating your salary. Learn to conduct effective research, understand your true worth, and articulate your value with confidence. Through interactive exercises, practice your talking points and refine your negotiation techniques in a supportive environment. Walk away feeling empowered and equipped to have successful salary conversations. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock your earning potential!

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Meet our Keynote & Fireside Chat Speakers

Julie Elberfeld Follow me on LinkedIn

Chief Executive Officer
Women Who Code

Holliday Sims Follow me on LinkedIn

Computer Science Student
University at Buffalo

Marjorie Velázquez Follow me on LinkedIn

Vice President of Policy

Meet our Panelist Speakers

Dr. Alexis Vogt Follow me on LinkedIn

Professor of Optics
Monroe Community College

Dottie Gallagher Follow me on LinkedIn

President and CEO
Buffalo Niagara Partnership

Nora Spillane Follow me on LinkedIn

VP of Economic Development

Meet our Moderators

Stephen Tucker Follow me on LinkedIn

President & CEO
Northland Workforce Training Center

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  • All main event sessions
  • Entrepreneur Luncheon 
  • Conference Center parking pass

Full Event plus Pre-Event Training

Pass for 4 Days
Price: $475


  • Registration for one person
  • Pre-event Training sessions
  • All main event sessions
  • Entrepreneur Luncheon 
  • Conference Center parking pass

Virtual Access Event Registration

Online Access Only
Price: $125


  • Registration for one person
  • All main event sessions
  • Virtual access details will be provided.

Things to Do in the Area

The PacCoast Conference Center is located just south of San Francisco, so once the workday is done, you're close to all kinds of fun and amenities. Convenient shopping, dining, and beaches are all just a few minutes away, but if you want to explore a bit more, you can be in the popular Mission District or Sunset District in less than a half an hour!


Seneca One Tower

So you're coming to Seneca One? As the tallest building in Western New York, Seneca One Tower stands as a beacon of innovation and opportunity, offering breathtaking views of the city skyline and Lake Erie beyond. Step inside and discover a vibrant hub of creativity and collaboration, where cutting-edge businesses and startups thrive. Click the link below for help navigating to Seneca One.